Terms and Conditions - Slack integration with Happy at Work

The following terms and conditions constitute the agreement between Happy at Work (Interactive Happiness Survey AB) and the company/organization/person interacting with the Happy at Work Slack App (also referred to as HaW Bot).


Happy at Work will continously gather information about employees and their stress and satisfaction levels in their workplace. The information gathered will be analyzed by algorithms designed and implemented by Happy at Work to discover potential problems and offer possible solutions to leaders, and staff responsible for managing those situations.

Privacy Policy

Happy at Work strives to protect and respect your privacy and makes an effort to only gather the absolute minimum amount of data and securing those data from unauthorized access. Happy at Work anonymizes survey data by design to disconnect survey data from individuals and providing the data consumer only with generic information.

Stored data

The following is a description of what data may be stored by Happy at Work about you.


Happy at Work utilizes third-party services for storagea and e-mail distribution. Please refer to the following legal information. Happy at Work do not sell or for other purposes distribute any personal data to any third-party actor.

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