Pricing that fits your needs

All organizations are different. Together we take a look into your situation and tailor a price plan that fits your needs.

Which package suits your needs?

At Happy at Work, we strive to be the simplest tool on the market for you to measure your employees' well-being and work situation. We want to make it easy to collect data and send out pulse surveys that saves time and energy. We also want to offer you a pricing plan that fits you and your organization's needs perfectly. Pay monthly, annually and if you pay with card you can cancel at any time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our plans.

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Choose the number of employees

Prices are approximate, pricing plans are always adapted to your organization and needs.


A simple and quick survey to measure the temperature in your organization

€3 per month and employee €50 start fee
  • The standard survey that measure employee happiness with 3 simple questions
  • Unlimited amount of surveys
  • 1h/month for support and tailored tips and tricks


Extended surveys gives you the flexibility to create unique surveys for different needs

€4.5 per month and employee €100 start fee
  • All features included in Basic plan
  • Extended survey for customized questions
  • Use eNps as a simple measure for regular follow-up over time
  • Get HR Support to plan actions based on your results


With extensive support you will get a deep understanding for the results and the tools for taking action

€6 per month and employee €100 start fee
  • All features included in Pro plan
  • Happy Analysis gives you a professional report on your organization's results
  • Get quick assistance with Priority Customer Service
  • Our best support with personal contact

Extend your insights with Happy Analysist

In every subscription we include at least 1 hour support per month that you can use to consult and get feedback from our trained organizational psychologists.

If you want more insights and data you can add Happy Analysis to your subscription and get a professional report on your organization's results every month, along with an extra half-hour consultation.

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What payment options do I have?

You can pay monthly with card or quarterly/annually with invoice. If you pay annually you get 1 month for free.

What prior to cancellation is there?

You have 3 months prior to cancellation with invoice payment and no prior to cancellation with card payment, you can cancel upon request anytime you want​. Just send us an email. We also offer annual subscriptions with 1 month discount, there is a 3 months prior to cancellation when choosing this option as well.

What are the terms and conditions?

The normal invoicing period is at the beginning of every quarter. If you choose annual payment, you pay yearly with 1 month discount.

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