Happy employees make happy workplaces

Happy at Work is an easy-to-use HR service that helps organizations to improve communication with their employees in a simple and fun way.

Step 1

Your team receives a message where they prefer

Schedule your survey dispatches on a regular basis or just once.

  • Distribution via SMS, email, or Slack.
  • Another app? Don't worry. No need to register anywhere or download any app.
Woman holding a mobile phone
Step 2

Your team answers the survey

  • Fast, fun and simple surveys without wasting anyones time or energy.
  • Anonymous and secure.
  • Use ready-made surveys or create your own questions.
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Step 3

Analyze your results instantly and over time

  • User-friendly summary of the current work environment within your organization.
  • Gain in-depth insights about positive and negative trends.
  • Smart alarms help you to keep track.

"Easy to use which leads you to actually use the product to tell your company about your status and how you are feeling."

Carl Elmqvist Head of Support Fortnox

Get a deeper understanding with Extended Survey

Extended surveys help to gain a deeper understanding into your employees work situation. Tailor surveys to the culture of your company and dive deeper in specified subjects of your interest.

Happy at work tool on a laptop

Anonymous chat function

You can get more detailed information on how the employee's work situation should be improved through our anonymous chat. With this whistle blowing function, employees have an opportunity to address their concern without any hesitation.

Smart alarms

We help you to notice negative trends through smart alarms, so you can relax. We speed up your administrative work by maintaining easiness and simplicity.

eNps - a useful tool to measure employee loyalty

eNps stands for Employee Net Promoter Score. An index that helps you measure and manage employee loyalty and commitment to the company with a single question. It also provides insights into the factors that increase commitment and what reduces employee engagement in the organization.