Measure the happiness at your workplace

Happy at work offers the most easy-to-use tool on the market to measure well-being and levels of stress in your organization. Optimize remote work by keeping connected and dedicated to employee feedback.

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Getting started

Measure the happiness of your employees

Happy at Work offers the most accessible tool on the market to measure well-being and stress levels in your organization. Optimize remote work by keeping connected and dedicated to employee feedback.

Pulse surveys offer an incredible opportunity to grow your business through consistent team feedback. Gain a better view of what’s happening around the organization every week to handle any hurdle.

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"Happy at Work has some amazing features to collect employee response very effectively. I love using this tool for my team."

Ida Grahn Talent and Learning & Development Specialist ISS
Quick and easy

Measure job satisfaction and workload in your organization

Happy at work is a survey tool that quickly and easily gives you an understanding of how your employees enjoy their workplace.

We believe in evaluating the work environment frequently and over time with simple but insightful questions. It allows you to quickly detect negative trends and act before it's too late.

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Optimize work environment

Stay in touch with your employees and collect continuous feedback about their work situation, in the office or at home with our digital employee surveys. So that you can be sure that you have a good and developing work environment.

Get insights in real time

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the employees have a working environment that is good from both a physical and psychological perspective. To succeed in this, it is important to have insights in real time. With our employee surveys, you will not only get good insights, but can also simplify your job with automations and ready-made materials.

Take action & give feedback

A Game-Changer for Workplace Communication.

We offer a chat with cutting-edge technology that allows for discreet responses to employee feedback, safeguarding their identity. This fosters trust, encourages open dialogue, and empowers staff to voice concerns without fear of retribution. It also enables swift, targeted solutions, boosting overall morale and productivity. Discover the transformative power of anonymous feedback responses today!

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Simple dispatches

The survey is dispatched by mail, slack or SMS. No login or installation is required.

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Quick answers

One answers anonymously, with one hand on the mobile, in less than 10 sec.


Clear results

The data is compiled as easily understandable statistics, ready to be shared further or exported as pdf.

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Happiness at work

How to Work Hard and Get Happy

Let’s shatter the myth that hard work and happiness are mutually exclusive. By creating a work environment that fosters autonomy, growth, camaraderie, and work-life balance, we can unlock the full potential of our teams while nurturing their happiness and well-being. So, here’s to working hard, staying happy, and spreading joy in the workplace!

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Happiness at work

Turning Feedback into Action: The Costly Mistake of Ignoring Employee Surveys

Alex Thompson did many things right. He used software to measure the satisfaction in his team, analyzed it, and came to the right conclusion. Yet he lost 20% of his team in just a few months. How did that happen?

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