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Testimonial with Louise Wåhlin from The Bearded Ladies

Robin Yngen
Robin Yngen 2023-05-08

The Bearded Ladies was founded in 2008 and after a long establishment phase, they are now a force to be reckoned with within the game-developing industry. So far, the company has developed and released three critically acclaimed games – Mutant Year Zero, Corruption 29 and this year’s release Miasma Chronicles.

Within the company, they promote and emphasize the value of healthy work culture and offer their employees benefits like the possibility to work remotely, health care, private insurance and parental leave. Louise Wåhlin is the HR manager at the company and thus responsible for the working environment of the, roughly, 40 employees. She implemented Happy at Works platform and services at her last workplace, Elias Software, and is therefore very familiar with the platform and its benefits.

For us, it feels great that a previous customer chooses to keep on using our platform in a different context. It’s a testimony to the fact that the platform is working and that it creates value for our customers. It also feels adequate to collaborate with a company like The Bearded Ladies that, besides developing an exciting product, actively promotes a good work environment and work culture.

Interview with Louise regarding their experiences with the platform

What are the three most important challenges and problems that the Happy at Work platform can solve for you? “These employee surveys help me, as the only HR function at the company, to get specific suggestions for improvement to work with. By anonymously asking the employees, about their well-being or what they are lacking, I get concrete individual answers to bring up and to work with in a bigger group. Questions that otherwise might be difficult or sensitive to raise, if not answered anonymously, is easier to bring to light and discuss.”

According to you, what are the main benefits of the platform? “The platform is easy to handle, very user-friendly, and with personal service from André included it’s just perfect.”

What difference does it make for the management and for the team? “Management gets the information they need to be able to create a more pleasant workplace, where employees want to stay. The employees dare to speak up on how they feel because they get to be anonymous.”

Are employee surveys of extra importance given that many of your employees work remotely? “It is important no matter what of course, but it does make it easier to catch up on matters that may occur with employees working remotely. Whether it is self-imposed or not, I see a tendency that remote workers often have more problems fitting into a group.”


After using the Happy at Work platform for a couple of months, The Bearded Ladies are happy with the following features:

The survey allows employees to share their thoughts and give feedback, whether working remotely or in one of their studios. In turn, it gives Louise the basis needed to implement eventual necessary changes to create a healthy work environment where employees want to stay.

A win-win situation!

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