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How Abstractops increased their ability to work more proactively with employee well-being

André Francois
André Francois 2022-08-31

Based and founded in San Francisco, AbstractOps is a startup that helps other startups operate in an easier way. AbstractOps brings all your corporate data and workflows into a single platform, so you can manage contracts, hiring, and more without the headache. From the very start, employee happiness and engagement have been very important for AbstractOps. Since its inception in 2019, they now have a team of close to 50 employees.

Being a remote-first company requires a steady feedback flow AbstractOps is a remote-first company and for companies that work remotely, it can be difficult to keep track of their employees. Since it’s rare that the team of AbstractOps are all in the same place, it’s hard to get a sense of how the team is doing broadly.

“As a manager, I feel less like I have to impute how the team is doing based on a couple of one-on-one meetings during the week. Now, I have meaningful data to help me understand how best to support the team”. —Matthew Ryan, Operations Partner

How Happy at Work became the preferred choice AbstractOps needed something easy and fast to implement and searched different vendors for employee surveys. It is within their philosophy and culture to keep things easy. They found Happy at Work to match these criteria together with key features that they were looking for. Some of these key features and important traits were:

  • Quick and easy-to-use pulse surveys
  • Informative and dynamic reporting
  • Fast and responsive support

“Happy at Work's sleek and simple design made it a no-brainer to go with Happy at Work.” Kristin Bass, Operations Partner

Tremendous results that are helpful for the management team The results for AbstractOps have been of tremendous help to the management team in terms of proactively identifying signals that capacity is being reached or morale is high/low. AbstractOps has been able to make both qualitative and quantitative adjustments to team management in response to this data. And the data keeps growing for every survey that is answered.

The team at AbstractOps appreciated how easy the pulse survey was to complete (less than 30 seconds!), and the managers we're very interested in understanding how they could use the data to improve the work culture “The data grows in value as we now have several months of data to compare new results against”. — Matthew Ryan, Operations Partner

Conclusion AbstractOps has now soon been using Happy at Work for six months and Happy at Work's service helps AbstractOps by giving everyone at the company a psychologically safe space to express how they are doing on a weekly basis, which helps bridge the geographical barriers to their remote-first team. "Happy at Work's services allowed us to interact with employees anonymously, allowing the team to give unfiltered, honest feedback". Kristin Bass, Operations Partner

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